Berkeley Rotary Endowment

The Berkeley Rotary club manages the  Berkeley Rotary Endowment, the club focus for donations for club projects. 
The Berkeley Rotary Endowment (BRE) is a non-profit endowment organization. It is financially independent of the Berkeley Rotary Club (BRC), with coordinate management structures (e.g., same people filling parallel positions on separate boards). 
Donations to BRE can be made by check to "Berkeley Rotary Endowment" and mailed to: Berkeley Rotary Endowment, 2342 Shattuck Avenue # 101, Berkeley, CA 94704. Within the BRE, funds are maintained for various projects. These include:
  • Corpus: investment-only funds, with earnings supporting the other funds. Currently over $500,000.
  • Rotacare Clinic Richmond
  • Scholarship Fund
  • Chacala (Mexico) project
  • Memorials: funds given in honor of others. 
Indicate the desired fund on the memo line of your check. Unmemo'd and memorial checks are applied to the Corpus.