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Message from Social Justice Chair


I feel honored and excited to be asked to lead the Social Justice focus for Berkeley Rotary Club. This opportunity is a match to my passion for pursuing Social Justice. How timely this initiative in our country today. This continues my personal work of inspiring and educating people, especially the next generation, to stand up and speak out when we hear and see injustice. This cause I am championing with my documentary film, “Near Normal Man”, has built national recognition. My father shouted out “Not Here! Not Now! when he, in a large crowd, heard community leaders urge everyone to stay home and let the Nazis march in Skokie, IL . As a lifelong student of my father, a Holocaust camp survivor, I understand the critical need to be an upstander, not a bystander.

Our goal is to build awareness, inform, educate; broaden and deepen our perspective to the wide range of issues of Social Justice swirling in America and our world, today. We have been given a Social Justice website on by the communications committee on our home page. Go to our website to read the first entry. I invite you to send me thoughtful entries. All articles need to go through me, for review before they’re posted on our website, Social Justice. I may edit the length of offerings from time to time to stay current. Let me know if you have any questions.

And, we hope to create a Social Justice Interest Group that will meet to discuss issues of interest to members and invite speakers that will have an impact on our actions. Those interested to join me, please let me know. And we’ll see our work in Social Justice take root and make a lasting impact.


Charlene Stern


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